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1. The online quotation service is reference only. All actual fees and quotation should be confirmed by our staff through on-site quotation.

2. The quotation does not include any tunnel fees and car parking fees.

3. The quotation includes all carton boxes and packing materials which are provided by Star Mover Company.

4. All packing materials will be delivered 5-10 days before relocation.

5. Handy-man service provided with extra charges. Additional charge of may occur during the relocation.

6. The quotation includes all furniture assemble/ dismantle charges.

7. We ensure all of your properties’ packed safely and move with cares, please purchase your own home insurance in advance. We will not be responsible for any damage caused.
The best way to pack for moving is to start earlier, rather than later. So before we get to packing tips and tricks, here are some moving hacks that will help you start off on the right foot. There are a lot of things you can do before you even pack up that first box to help facilitate an easier move. The moving hacks below will help you start off on the right foot.

Call the utility companies as soon as you know you're moving.
- Find a mover fast.
- Set your budget.
- Plan out your packing supplies.
We can't overstate just how much easier your move will be if you organize your belongings and toss, recycle, or donate what you don't need instead of lugging it with you to your new home. It's an undertaking, but these tips can help you do it.

Do a closet purge.
- Get rid of items you wouldn't buy again. it.
- Make donation pick-up arrangements.
- Consider short term storage.
In addition to being a lot of work, moves can also cost you a lot of money. Follow these moving budget hacks to keep your costs down.

Get quotes from at least three different movers.
- Look at all your options.
- Find free packing supplies.
- Be flexible.
Moving day itself is super tiring—and it be super stressful, too. These moving hacks will help you get through it.

- Pack a cooler.
- Have a plan for little kids and pets.
- Be packed up the day before moving day.
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